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Every school needs a strong foundation.

Great teachers. Insightful counselors. Without them, your child’s school is nothing but rooms, buildings and furniture.

That’s why your child needs The Foundation for Las Virgenes Schools. We exist for one reason and one reason only: to narrow the widening gap between what the State provides and the funds we need to maintain the excellence of our schools. To learn more, click here.

Smaller Classes. Big Benefits

When you donate to The Foundation, we can make grants to the school district that enable them to hire more classroom teachers and counselors. With more teachers, your child’s classes can be smaller. Your child can get more individualized attention.

With smaller classes, teachers can do things that are simply impossible in larger classes. So while we encourage you to support your school’s PFA or PFC, only The Foundation can pay for credentialed classroom teachers to help reduce class sizes. 

Counselors: Unsung Heros.

Counselors can make as much of a difference as teachers. Often, the guidance they provide has little to do with academics. It could be bullying, peer pressure, conflict resolution, even home issues; often, kids will talk to them about things they’re uncomfortable talking about with you. But more than that, great counselors help create an environment where your child feels safe, supported, and connected to the school. An environment that helps kids thrive.It’s only through your donations that we can pay for these additional counselors. We could not afford them otherwise.

Strengthen your high schooler’s core.

The closer your child gets to college, the more they need The Foundation. With more teachers, the district can keep core classes like Math and English smaller. Counselors matter in high school as well. They help provide social, emotional and academic support. They help make sure your child is prepped for college, with the right mix of courses for the path he or she wants to take.

Beyond Education.

Our goal is to unite businesses, corporations and residents throughout our community to provide sustainable and consistent funding directly to the 15 public schools in the Las Virgenes Unified School District. When our school district is fully funded and our schools perform at their highest, the entire community reaps the benefits. Property values, quality of life, a healthy business environment, our reputation as a place to live and raise kids– all are affected by better schools.

Every donation counts.

It’s ambitious, we know. But it’s worth doing, and doing big.Please be as generous as you can. But mostly, just give. A little. A lot. Every donation matters.You can give in one lump sum. You can write a check, or put it on your credit card. You can opt to pay in installments.  You can click here and do it right now.

Thank you!

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