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The 70’s happened.

It was called ‘The Tax Revolt.’ And it took school funding away from the community, and gave it to Sacramento. Slowly but surely, California fell to 49th in the country in per-student funding. And schools that had once been the envy of the nation began to fall apart. Teachers were let go. Libraries withered. Even school nurses’ jobs were cut.

That’s when parents began to form Education Foundations. We realized that if we wanted our kids to have something other than the bare minimum, we needed to go beyond what the state was doling out.

Given the choice, we wouldn’t do it this way. But we have to. We have no choice. It’s the only way your child and our child and everyone’s child is going to get the kind of education they need to succeed in college, and in life.

Please join us. It’s a huge task. But we can do it!

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