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What does The Foundation for Las Virgenes Schools do?

The  Foundation for Las Virgenes Schools raises money to improve and enhance education in the Las Virgenes Unified School District (LVUSD).  The Foundation helps fill the gap between what the state provides the district and what it costs to provide a well-rounded, quality education for students. The Foundation for Las Virgenes Schools is the only organization that can pay for credentialed classroom teachers and counselors. Since 2012, The Foundation has granted Las Virgenes Schools over 1 million dollars.

Should I give to The Foundation if I already give to the PFA or PFC at my child’s school?

PFAs/PFCs and The Foundation work together to fund the spending gap between what the state gives the LVUSD and what is actually needed to educate each child in the district. PFAs/PFCs often pay for materials, resources and specialists at each school site.  They cannot pay for credentialed classroom teachers or counselor salaries.  Only The Foundation can fund classroom teachers and counselors. The Foundation can help the district maintain small class sizes.  

Who decides how donations are spent? 

The Foundation works collaboratively with district leaders, school principals, and the Board of Education to come up with funding priorities. We focus on trying to make an impact on all the students in the district. Funding is based on school site needs as well as enrollment. 

How much money will my child’s school receive from The Foundation?

We do not write checks to the individual school sites.  We make one grant to the district and we advocate for hiring more classroom teachers and guidance counselors at every school site. Parents will see the benefit of their donations in the additional staffing that their child’s school receives.

Who runs The Foundation?

The Foundation is guided by an all-volunteer Board of Directors comprised of parents and community members, all of whom are deeply committed to preserving the quality of our public education.  The Foundation’s leadership draws upon the energies and talents of its individual members while responding to the expressed needs of our schools and the community.  Get to know our Board by clicking here.

How does The Foundation raise money?

  • Annual Appeal - The Foundation asks for your donation mid-school year.

  • Matching Funds Program - Many companies also contribute to The Foundation through their matching funds program.  Please check with your employer to see if they offer such a program.

  • Corporate/Business Partners Program - The Foundation has a business sponsorship program what reaches out to small and large businesses in the area to encourage them to invest in the Las Virgenes School District.

  • Fundraisers -“The Event” is our annual gala that unites local businsess, civic leaders, community members and parents with the goal of supporting our schools. For more information click here.

Should I give to The Foundation if I do not have children in the schools?

There is a direct link between high property values and a high-performing, well-funded school district. People move to our community for the excellence of our public schools and they are willing to pay more to live here.  Even without children in the Las Virgenes schools, homeowners benefit. It is in the collective best interest of our community to support The Foundation.

How much money does the district receive from the state? 

The amount of money our district receives from the state has decreased substantially over the years.  Since the passage of Proposition 13 in 1978, which reduced revenue available for education funding, most of the revenue for school funding comes from business and personal income taxes, and some special taxes, notproperty taxes.  Local property taxes amount to 23% of all school funding in the state.  And because school funding comes from fluctuating sources of revenue, school budgeting is especially difficult.  The Foundation is looking to raise the funds on a sustainable and consistent basis so that what happens in Sacramento becomes inconsequential to LVUSD’s annual operating budget.

Isn’t the parcel tax suppose to pay for schools?

The parcel tax designated for schools does stay local but it’s much less than what is need to keep our schools among the best.  The parcel tax for Las Virgenes is $95 and is set to expire at the end of 2015.  Other high performing districts have parcel taxes ranging from $382 to $800- that’s 4-8 times as much as our parcel tax. 

How can I get involved with The Foundation?

There are numerous ways to get involved!  The Foundation is dependent upon those who give their time and money generously.  We hope that you, your family or business, will join us this year by attending The Event, volunteering or helping us to cultivate new fundraisers and relationships. You do not need to be on our Board of Directors to get involved.  Please click here for more information.

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