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Dear Parents & Families,

Over the last several months, Las Virgenes Unified School District has taken an unimaginable financial hit. Due to pandemic-related tax losses and decreased funding by the State of California, the District expects to lose more than $4 million for the 2020-2021 school year. This significant shortfall will directly impact the educational experience of our students. 

According to our Superintendent, Dr. Dan Stepenosky, our district is now in an unprecedented crisis that has already impacted our children:

  • More than 250 staff, aides, and specialists received notice that their positions may be eliminated next year. 

  • Our counselors’ hours are being slashed.

  • Our school board is anticipating more painful cuts as they budget for the next fiscal year.

Although the school year is beginning virtually for all students, we still need to come together as a school district and community to ensure our children have access to the high-quality education our district has a history of providing. LVUSD must invest in improved virtual tools and technologies, while teachers need more training to best utilize them. School sites need to retain additional PPE and supplies while preparing to hire additional health and safety staff to support the mental health and physical wellness of our children.

While it is still vital to support our individual schools’ parent-faculty organizations (PFC/PFAs) directly, those groups are restricted from paying for many important expenses, such as those outlined above. This is why in 2010, a group of volunteer parents from across our district created T.H.E. Foundation for Las Virgenes Schools: Together Helping Education. As leaders of T.H.E.  Foundation for Las Virgenes Schools, we are renewing our commitment to unite businesses, community members, and district families to give our children the learning and support opportunities they deserve.

In these difficult times, we are asking every family in our district to invest in our children’s education by making a $500 tax-deductible donation to The Foundation for Las Virgenes Schools. Our district, like most others, has no safety net. State and federal lawmakers have pledged to help, but their funds are not expected to arrive for months, if at all. If every family in our district contributes $500 per family, we will raise more than $4 million and keep our district from going into debt.

 Your gift will support:

  • Teacher training and access to improved virtual technology

  • Retaining credentialed teachers and ultimately avoiding class size increases 

  • Maintaining access to counselors, who are continuing to see students virtually in record numbers and much needed when on-campus education resumes

  • Beloved extra-curricular activities ranging from music to athletics


There are so many things we can’t fix for our children right now, but the quality of their education is in our hands. We know that some families aren’t able to contribute $500, while others have the capacity to give more. The most important thing is that you participate at whatever level you can. Our kids’ futures depend on it. 

Contribute today to our “Las Virgenes Save Our Schools” campaign #LVSOS.  This is a community-wide effort, and WE ARE HOPING FOR 100% PARTICIPATION BY OUR STUDENTS’ FAMILIES. Visit  2020 Appeal | thefoundation   to make your tax-deductible donation. We accept credit cards, checks, and even direct stock transfers and charitable IRA rollovers*.

Thank you, in advance, for your support. Together, we can keep our schools #LVStrong. 




Jeannie Abraham                    



H. Mark Madnick

Vice President


P.S.  Families who make a $500 donation will become members of our “VIPs for LVUSD” giving group and will receive an acknowledgement by The Foundation for Las Virgenes Schools on our website and in district-wide emails.  You also will receive a special license plate holder recognizing your impactful leadership. Can we count on your support to save our schools?


*Please consult your tax advisor before making a charitable IRA rollover.  This is not intended as tax advice.